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Due to the Coronavirus,

During this very trying & stressful time, which each of us are having to endure, I am continuing to remain closed, taking it a week at a time. When I feel comfortable opening up, I will post on here, as well as my Facebook Page. I will continue to be in contact with my pre-booked customer’s on a weekly basis, as well as offering any personalized tips I feel would be beneficial for their pet’s current hair style, texture & history.


My decision to remain closed isn’t an easy one. I am constantly in contact with other’s in the Grooming Industry. It is a very unique business. Some states are harder hit than others, but the concerns are the same. Of course, what everyone is hearing, is the Social Distancing aspect. Some groomer’s are even putting a cage outside & requiring the owner to leave their pet in the cage and leave. That would avoid that, but I am also thinking of your pet. I wouldn’t feel comfortable having to leave my pet in a strange outside cage & drive away. Some groomer’s have a better set up for this, and that’s fine, but I don’t wish to do that. They are already sensing our anxiety during this time. Next is leaving the collars & leashes with the owner (surface contamination). But there is also the issue with the Pet’s fur. We are all in very close contact with our precious pets. All it takes to transfer to the fur, is the owner’s coughing or sneezing near their pet, or just petting them. Now this is on the dog’s fur & transferred to my skin or clothing, or whatever surface the dog’s fur has touched. Who knows how long this stays on their fur. I read a very credible report saying its 3-4 hrs. I just don’t know. I understand it isn’t the same as a metal door handle, but I would guess it does stay on there for long enough to be an issue. Even taking them right to the tub doesn’t warrant this is an effective way to remove this contamination. I do not know if the shampoo I use is even strong enough to kill this virus. I can’t find any documentation that it is. Also, unfortunately, we all have heard, no one knows if they are infected until it’s too late. I would feel terrible having to contact you later saying I was infected! Cross contamination is just such a worry right now, and the main reason I chose to stay closed. This affects both of us.


Keep in mind, depending on the time between their last grooming, more than likely I will have no choice other than to restart with a shorter hairstyle than what they usually have had. At least we have the warmer weather on our side. Then we can go back to your preferred style. And hopefully we can all get back to our normal lives.


Their grooming is also going to require more of my time, as well as extra wear & tear on my equipment. Each dog is unique & once I am able to start grooming again, I will be advising you on the style I am able to achieve, as well as the added cost to cover my time & expenses. Some dog’s type of hair will do fine missing a hair appointment, others not so much. All depends on their hair texture, length of hair & time between appointments, as well as past matting history. Many have had a longer winter cut, which makes them even more shaggy


I have adapted my regular Home Maintenance Handout I normally hand out to accommodate these longer between appointments.This can be found by clicking on this link:  "Brushing Tips for Home".  As far as brushes & combs, I should have already gone over this with everyone, specifically for your pet’s coat, from their past grooming appointments. Please feel free to contact me if you still have any questions.



At this time, I am pre-booked out for the rest of the year with my established client's schedules.
 Due to this, I am unable to take on new clients. Also, my current wait list is full. 
If any openings come up, I will post here.
Thank you for your understanding ~ MK
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