Full Grooms include the following services:

Pre-Clip & Brush Out

Toe Nail Trim

Pads of Feet Trimmed (per Breed)

Sanitary Trim

Ear Hair Removal (if needed)

Topical Ear Cleaning

Deep Conditioning Bath with Professional Products

** Now offering Whitening Blueberry Facials at No Additional Cost

Gland Expression (if needed)

Blow Dry

Finish Brush 

Finish Clipping/Scissoring

Pet Cologne


Grooming Services Prices

(Sales Tax Included on all Services)

Full Grooms: 



$40 ON UP

(All prices include Sales Tax)

Prices may vary depending on size & condition of hair

 PRICING WILL BE BASED not only on size, but also on type of coat & time required to complete the 

style requested 

If in question, please feel free to visit with me & I can further assist you 


EXTRA CHARGES apply for Matted Coats, Specialty Cuts & Full Coated Dogs, as well as *Behavioral Issues

*Due to me being a Solo Groomer, I cannot always guarantee I am able to safely groom dogs that will not hold still or have behavioral issues.

My equipment is very sharp, and any sudden moves are dangerous. An extra set of hands to hold them is usually required, and I am not able to provide this, due to being Solo.

If you are aware of your pet not doing well at the grooming salon or biting, please let me know ahead of time. Again, this is for the Pet's safety, as well as my own.

* It is helpful to bring in photos of how you would like your pet groomed  

* When you bring your pet in, I will evaluate your pet's coat condition & size & visit with you on the best groom style that will work for your pet, as well if there is any additional charges due to condition or style requested

Additional Services:​

Flea Treatment - $20

Mandatory Add on charge

if fleas are present at

grooming appointment, if I don't notice right away. If I notice at drop off, I will require a re-schedule, due to contamination. I treat my shop regularly to avoid cross contamination, but feel this extra step is also necessary. I ask for you to please take your dog home first and contact your vet to treat with a pill to kill the live fleas, to avoid cross contamination.



There is a pill option available to kill the existing fleas within an hour of treatment

Your vet will be able to help you further with this 

This Mandatory Add On Charge covers the time & expense of complete & immediate disinfection of the entire grooming area, the added time needed for the Flea Bath Treatment, as well as the necessary Flea Bomb once all pets have gone home for the evening. To prevent the fleas returning, it will also be necessary for you to treat your dog’s home environment.

Call for an appointment with MK  

Offering the newest in equipment, clean, calm & efficient setup enabling  your pet a relaxed setting. Being in a home atmosphere enables your dog's to feel "at home" and "at ease". I am very excited to offer all your pet's this service!


By Appointment ONLY

Text/Call message


Your Pets Day at the Spa

Rest assured that your pet will be treated with care and compassion

Your Pet's day at the Spa includes:

  • Visit with you regarding any concerns & what style you are wishing for your pet

  • Evaluate your pet's hair condition and advise accordingly

  • Feel free to bring pics of how you would like your pet to look like & I will visit with your how we can aim for that look

  • Arrange a time that works best for picking up 

  • I will text or call you when I am finished & it is preferable to have you come pick up right away due to my limited space. Your pet is always happy to see you!

  • Full Grooms will include the following services as listed above

  • If your pet has to be here longer than a couple hours, I will take them out for a relief walk

  •  LOTS of hugs & TLC

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